Guidelines for the Preparation of Posters

The poster must be presented by the person who sent the communication.

  • Language: The poster may be prepared in Spanish, Basque or English.
  • Size: The posters will be adjusted to the following dimensions in vertical format: DIN A0 (841 mm wide x 1189 mm high).
  • Format: The content of the poster is free. Each researcher will decide the most appropriate way to present the contents they want to reflect.
  • Submission:
    • The researcher must upload the digital version of the poster (maximum size 10MB) in PDF format before XXXXXXX to the platform.
    • On the XXXXXXX day, researchers will be informed if their poster has been accepted or rejected for participation in the Congress.

Minimum requirements:

  • Title
  • Authorship and affiliation: The name(s) of the researcher(s) and their institutional affiliation should be visibly located.
  • Introduction
  • Objective(s)
  • Methodology
  • Relevant aspects
  • Results or conclusions
  • Logos: The logos of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea and the Sharing Society project must be included. The three logos are attached to the website.

Participation procedure:

  • Withdrawal of posters: Posters must be removed by the defending researcher at the end of the corresponding session.
  • Placement:
  • The assigned timetables and specific presentation spaces can be consulted in the programme. Each researcher will place his/her poster on the panel indicated to him/her, half an hour before the corresponding session begins.
  • In the exhibition halls there will be material available for the attendees to place the posters.
  • Printing on paper, cardboard or photographic paper. The material should not be excessively thick or heavy to ensure the fixation of it to the panel.
  • The researcher will be in charge of printing and transporting the poster.