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Plenary Session 1· May 23, 2019

David Bollier
Free, Fair and Alive. The Commons as a Vibrant Social System
Mayo Fuster Morell
Collaborative Policies for Collaborative Economy
David Bollier & Mayo Fuster Morrell
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Plenary Session 2· May 23, 2019

Ling Tan
Hyperlocal Cities. Structuring Participation and Collective Actions
Stacco Troncoso
“If I Only Had a Heart.” Encoding Care On- and Offchain, Open Cooperativism and Distributed Cooperative Organizations
Ling Tan & Stacco Troncoso
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Plenary Session 3· May 24, 2019

Manuela Zechner
Caring, Sharing and Commoning. For Lively Entanglements and Ecologies of Care
Derrick de Kerckhove
The Rise of Collaborative Investigative Journalism from Wikileaks, Panama Papers to the “Implants Files”
Manuela Zechner & Derrick de Kerckhove
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Plenary Session 4· May 24, 2019

Fermín Serrano
Citizen Science at the Confluence of Research, Society, Technology and the Arts
Ezio Manzini
The Making of Collaborative Cities. Social Innovation, Design and Politics of the Everyday

Fermín Serrano & Ezio Manzini
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