The Sharing Society Network. Our Vision

Dear colleagues,

Almost a month has passed since we all gathered in Bilbao for the Sharing Society International Conference. We are now writing regarding the creation of one of the conference’s most exciting offsprings: the Sharing Society Network.

We envision the network as a hybrid space, where both academics and activists can further deepen the fruitful dialogue that begun at the conference, and as the breeding ground for future cross-discipline and international synergies

In this initial stage, we would like the Network to be aimed at:

  • highlighting experiences in the sharing society realm;
  • sharing information about upcoming conferences, call for papers, and projects,
  • announcing publications, and
  • discussing relevant current affairs.

With this purpose in mind, we have set up two communication channels:

  • The Sharing Society Network public group on Facebook, where all members will be able to post news, calls and readings directly; and
  • The Sharing Society Network blog on our Sharing Society project web, where we will be organising this information, and also posting thought pieces and experiences accounts that are relevant to our topic. We expect the blog will function as our network’s forum and repository.

Please, feel free to send us any and all ideas you might have for the Network by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you all.

Best wishes, 
Benjamín Tejerina and Ignacia Perugorría 

Bilbao, June 13, 2019