Collaborative Biographies

The starting point of our research is to trace the collaborative collective processes of building a population’s memory through projects based on sharing historical photographs of the population’s life through the internet and social networks. To study this approach to the construction of collective memory, we focus on two projects of this type that are carried out in the province of A Coruña.

The aim is to analyze how these cases attempt to (re)create the past and (re)formulate the common identity through processes of collaborative participation (whether from bottom to top or from top to bottom) based on the photographic image, in the snapshot as a memory, serving the new technologies as facilitators and enablers.


  • Analyze how through the dumping of historical photographs in social networks by the neighbors of these populations is mapped a past disappeared, is (re)built the memory of a village. PROJECTS and PROCESSES
  • Common but differentiated routes are created for the knowledge of the community. DYNAMICS
  • The impact of this dynamic is extended to other areas (or different areas are fed back from these participatory processes). IMPACTS

It investigates not only the process, but also the impact that these projects have on the life of the localities, on their self-perception and on their projection, and traces how they are heirs of a previous tradition modified by time and how they collaborate in the promotion of participative processes in other fields.

Researchers: Carmen Rodríguez-Rodríguez & Elvira Santiago-Gómez.