DEMETRA Association

The non-profit association DEMETRA was born to support an ambitious but noble project, seeks to emancipate civil society and boost personal thinking in the face of the media’s strength in different areas such cultural, social and the politician.

In order to face these challenges, in 2014 DEMETRA began with the creation of this digital tool aimed to test a continuous democracy in Spain and overcome the mere circumstance of the vote that constitutes an act restricted to a specific time (every four years) and for a single political party, because sometimes does not contain all the nuances of our whole tendencies (cultural, social, economic, educational, etc.).

In 2015 the Association became a member of the International Observatory of Participatory Democracies (OIDP) and participated as a jury in 2015, 2016 and 2018 editions.

DEMETRA has been a parter of the Sharing Society project since 2016.