Mora González Canosa

Mora González Canosa holds a degree in Sociology and a PhD in Social Sciences from FaHCE/UNLP. She is a CONICET researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones en Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales (UNLP/CONICET), where she was previously a doctoral and postdoctoral fellow. She teaches Classical Social Theory in the Department of Sociology and Contemporary Social Theory in the Master’s Degree in History and Memory (FaHCE-UNLP), in addition to teaching workshops on methodology and dissertation writing seminars in different universities. She specializes in the socio-historical and socio-political analysis of Argentina’s recent past, investigating processes of social protest and political radicalization in the 1960s and 70s, as well as the relations between memory, history and politics in recent decades. She has presented in numerous international conferences, published book chapters and articles in national and foreign journals. She is currently part of the projects “Las formas y los sentidos de la política y la militancia: la nueva izquierda argentina en los años sesenta y 70” and “La represión en Berisso y Ensenada, 1973-1983. Una aproximación a escala local a partir del análisis de archivos oficiales, testimonios judiciales e historia oral”, both based in IdIHCS.